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Welcome to my personal website.

I intend this space to be a hub for all things related to me, the Daniel Yim of Houston, Texas, as an attempt to disambiguate myself from the others who share the name. Although I know that "Daniel Yim" is relatively common on the Internet and probably the whole world, I'd like to think that I am the only computer scientist/web developer among them. I'm probably dead wrong.

This website--a subdomain of nubs.org (an old asset of mine)--is a sandbox where I can test/play with new web technologies (HTML5, CSS3) for my own entertainment and, to be completely honest, for showing off.

I may soon change the colorless theme to something more...lively, but until then please deal with the monochrome.

about me

I graduated in 2011 from Stephen F. Austin State University with a B.S. in Computer Science. As an undergrad, I kept my academic focus in CS, but I also minored in mathematics to challenge my (then) mathematical immaturity. Eventually, I grew equally fond of both disciplines and learned to appreciate their strong similarities.

As far as computer science goes, my interests in that subject spreads across many different branches therein; however, I particularly enjoy learning about human-computer interaction, web technologies and design, computer security, and Android development.

When I am not doing geeky stuff, you may find me playing the blues on my cherished 1962 Reissue Japanese Fender Stratocaster or out on a neverending quest to find good eats around town.

You can contact me at (MY FULL NAME)_at_gmail.com.

resume & professional info

At the moment, I am open to any opportunities where I can capitalize on my programming, designing, and teamwork abilities.

My professional information can be found through my LinkedIn account.

Please feel free to send me an email to request a resume.


I try to expand my horizons as a developer, so beside the projects that I work on at my nine-to-five, I maintain some side development projects to occupy my time.


web design


open source



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